Lost Ark World – CBT Trailer

Lost Ark Fans rejoice! Smilegate has released a new CBT Trailer that you can view here:

Talk about getting hype! Let’s chat about a few things we found interesting in the video:


  • Nothing appeared to be cinematic.

I think perhaps the most exciting part of the trailer was the fact that the characters were moving during a seemingly cinematic moment. This is super encouraging, because so often in games now we see beautiful, wonderful trailers that turn out to simply be CGI renders out of the engine.


From the first scene with the siege engines advancing, to the final moments outlining our first real look into the story elements, this trailer appears to be all in-game footage.


  • Multiplayer is Everywhere

Notice that in most of the segments, there are multiple players – and they are all interacting with the world around them. From combat to crafting it appears that a player can interact with their friends and teammates to improve their experience.


The thing that appears most exciting is the intractables around the map – the mine carts with two people crashing down into the dungeon below, or sliding down a drawbridge chain with your allies into the fray. Remember the original trailer where the player is jumping through a window to escape from a swarm of monsters? I can’t wait to see how that’s handled in multiplayer!


  • Class or Craft Specific Interactions
    Check the video at 3:40 – We see a player throw an item at a cluster of roots and it opens the way to a new path. This is speculation, but we are hopeful that this would indicate there are class or crafting specific areas and interactions in the game.

    Wouldn’t it be delightful if in addition to the plethora of classes, your character was even more unique and needed situationally?


  • The UI Has Been Refined
    Looking at the evolution of the player UI, we see that there are an impressive amount of information and abilities available to the player, seemingly at all times. It seems that the UI is also very geared towards traditional PC controls, rather than having a newer-type hybrid that is controller friendly.

    A few things we can deduce, though:


  1. It appears each class will be able to map 8 abilities at a time, and 5 items.
  2. All classes shown in the video have Health, what appears to be Mana, and a class-specific resource or extra abilities listed in the middle that looks different for each class.
  3. Cooldowns appear to be moderate. If you look through the video, even some of the coolest looking abilities only had 60 second cooldowns. This will make for exciting and fast-paced gameplay.


We’ve listed our most interesting parts of the video, now it’s your turn! Comment blow, or head over to our Facebook page and let us know what you are most excited for!


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