Lost Ark 1st Closed Beta

Lost Ark 1st Closed Beta

Well Lost Ark fans, it has been some considerable time since we have had anything substantial concerning Lost Ark and it seems the time has finally come to move forward with the very first closed beta of the game. Along with the announcement of the closed beta, which is taking place on August 24th, the official website was updated by SmileGate with a new logo as well as further information regarding signing up for the closed beta, which will become available starting August 3rd.

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Although the first closed beta will most likely be solely available in Korea, the fact that a good portion of the information was simultaneously released in English further gives us hope that Smilegate hasn’t forgotten its Western audience. Could it possibly be a hint at an international closed beta? We can assume that even though not everyone will have access to the first beta of the game, there will most definitely be an opportunity for Western players to test and play Lost Ark, hopefully in the near future.

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In terms of the information that has been released so far, the classes that will be available during the first beta test have been featured. The fascinating aspect about the classes shown is that there appears to be some sort of evolution within each starting class, eventually allowing the player to pick and essentially upgrade a base class into a more unique one. They can be seen featured below:

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For example, if you decide to start the game with the Fighter class, at some point you should have the option of upgrading toeither the Battle Master or Infighter, each with their own unique set of abilities respectively. The new class appears to be the Bard starter class although it is still unclear which exactly will be the upgraded variations. Since the Summoner and Arcana classes are missing, which were already featured before when Lost Ark was first unveiled, it is a possibility that they could be the evolved classes respectively for the Bard.

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Another piece of information that was featuredwas the map of Lost Ark and although it seems like its incomplete within certain shaded areas, it is clearly portrayed that the world of Lost Ark will be monumentally expansive. It will allow players to explore vast regions and multiple islands within the game, most likely through the use of personal ships:

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And there you have it Lost ark fans, it’s about time that Smilegate decided to take the first step in allowing the public to test their game out for the first time around. As of now, we can safely assume that the first beta test will be just the beginning of the momentum that is already being gained in order for the final arrival of when the game will be fully released. We hope you are all excited as we are from Lost Ark World and we look forward to continue keeping everyone updated with the latest on everything Lost Ark. As already mentioned many times by Smilegate: “For all RPG fans”

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