Smilegate hiring Software Engineer and UI Artists

Hey Lost Ark fans! It has definitely been a long time since we have had any new information regarding Lost Ark and it is unquestionably making the wait for its release that much harder. However, there has been a update that the publishers of the game known as Smilegate are now hiring new candidates to fill in 3 varying positions within their team. These positions include Associate UI Artist, UI/UX Lighting Artist, and Software Engineer with requirements of being proficient in both Korean and English, as well as being able to relocate within the respective area in South Korea.

So what does this exactly mean for Lost Ark? It was clear from the first glimpse of the game that we would eventually get a release in the West and that the game itself would also be adjusted in its later periods of development to cater to Western players as well. The fact that two of these positions are in correspondence with the UI or “User Interface” area of the game further supports the idea that Smilegate is looking to start fine-tuning their RPG to correspond with Western players. In essence, it seems abundantly clear that the current positions that Smilegate is now hiring seem to correlate exactly with this plan that the publishers have set in motion. Since it’s also expected that some form of closed beta will be released later this year in Korea and China, we can confidently say that we are getting ever so closer to the international release of Lost Ark. Although there is still more waiting to be done, eventually we will be able to finally embrace the epic adventures and cinematic action that Smilegate has been working so hard on since 2011 to deliver to the world of gaming.

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  1. I’m afraid when this game are going to released to NA/EU, SEA regions are going to get ip ban by Smilegate.

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