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What is E3

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is an annual video game conference hosted by Entertainment Software Association (ESA), this year it will be held in Los Angeles from June 16 to June 18th.

E3 is an invite-attendance only, meaning that only those with professional connection to a video game company may attend the conference. This means E3 will, unfortunately, not be open to the public.

An exposition for not only video game companies, but also for ‘business partners, media, and industry analysts, E3 is where the newest games in the market will be showcased, although in no way does this guarantee that games will be released. E3 will feature not only games on existing consoles made by famous game companies, but also independent developers, the year 2014 had some very exciting independent games released.

In short, E3 is the most important video game convention that is not available to the public. Fortunately, all E3 trailers will be posted by game companies such as IGN and such. Lost Ark World will try, of course, and obtain the latest news concerning Lost Ark.

Smilegate at E3

Smilegate has confirmed their attendance at E3 at the South Hall – 435. Although this information is irrelevant to the public, it is certain that Smilegate will reveal some news concerning their goals to the Western market.

Smilegate is the publisher of a variety of games, including the popular online FPS Crossfire. Although not as popular in the West, Crossfire has a very healthy population in the East, and is one of Smilegate’s most successful games, ranking higher than League of Legends on Tencent’s Top Free-To-Play Games list.

We expect Smilegate to reveal new information concerning Lost Ark at E3, and we are eager to learn more about their plans for a western release.

What does this mean for Lost Ark Online

Although there is no set date for Western release, or even the Korean release, Lost Ark has garnered quite a lot of attention. In their interview, Smilegate has discussed a potential western release, and while many expect their words to be set in stone, the possibility of an Asia-only release still lingers.

Many Korean MMORPGs do not make it onto the international scene, and it should be noted that Smilegate did not promise anything.

The logic behind E3 is that the world’s latest innovations in video game entertainment will be presented, and with business people also attending the convention, it is possible that many games that would have otherwise not been released, can garner the attention of investors and make an appearance. If Smilegate is attending, then it is no doubt that Smilegate, being a video game company, must have some big news to reveal. We can only hope that a western release is confirmed at E3, and the date to be sooner rather than later.

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