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Hello Lost Ark fans! Hope everyone’s excitement for more upcoming information about the game is just as gargantuan as ours since E3 is just around the corner! (For more info on what to expect from E3, check out our Lost Ark Online E3 predictions article) This article however is to go more in depth and speculate about the classes that still need to be revealed!

So until now, we have been shown 7 classes which include the Battlemaster, Infighter, Warlord, Berserker, Devil Hunter, Summoner, and Arcana. It seems clear that the producers of Lost Ark want to bring something unique with each class and we should more than likely expect variety among all of the major archetypes of RPGs. So before we fully get into this, I would like to note that this is complete speculation on our part and we will be using the following image, going back and forth with our thoughts and predictions about some of the unrevealed classes:

Healer/Priest: In recent articles, it has been stated that one of the classes we will be seeing revealed soon is a healing type class. However, it will also have their own array of devastating spells to wreck havoc on their enemies. This already shows how SmileGate is trying to add a new spin on healers with which we are already familiar with from other games. As for what weapon type the healer class might use, our guess is that it would be some sort of staff or healing rod, utilizing a form of crowd control spells alongside their regenerative abilities to keep enemies in check.

Chain Whip Wielder: The third character outline in the top row showcases a very unique character with very sharp armor. They are wielding what appears to be some sort of a chain like whip with very sharp spikes, similar to a scourge. We can assume with such a terrifying weapon, the class would be able to have quite a considerable amount of range while dealing damage and possibly even inflict a bleeding effect. Also, if sharp spines is truly the embodiment of this character, perhaps the class might even be able to channel them and create a beds of spikes to further impale their adversaries, Vlad the Impaler style.

Arm-Blade Assassin: The character outline seen in the last part of the top row depicts some sort of a cloaked warrior with what appears to be a long arm blade stemming from the character’s elbow. In all honesty, it feels very reminiscent of the main character from the Prince of Persia series, more specifically from “The Warrior Within” edition. Now we have not yet seen an assassin class presented, but our guess is that their abilities would consist of lightning fast movements similar to the Battlemaster, but at the same time making use of traps that would possibly inflict a damage over time effect on their enemies, such as poison or other weakening ailments, allowing their adversaries to be taken down much more effectively.

Swordmaster: In the bottom row, the third character from the left appears to be brandishing some type of broadsword, while at the same time having another pair of swords attached to their back. The character also shows to be wearing some sort of a cone hat which is very reminiscent

of a lot of Samurai/Ronin type warriors, emphasizing their secretive personality and unrivaled skills with a sharpened blade. If we are to get some form of Sword/Blade Master type class, we would expect the character to emphasize a combination of skills that deal a flurry of quick strikes possibly while dual wielding, as well as some form of charged abilities that could result in one huge slash across the screen once finished charging.

Necromancer/Scythe Wielder: In the bottom row, the second from the right, we see a character outline with some interesting armor that has very sharp edges to it, possibly signifying a darker personality. It is also clearly shown that this class will be utilizing some type of scythe. It can be attributed to characters with scythes that they usually delve into the forbidden magic of death and we can speculate that this could be a potential Necromancer class. Now if this character is indeed a Necromancer, we could most definitely expect some sort of minion builds, commanding an army of undead or other form of dark entities. Perhaps, even have a high level ability where you would be able to summon slain monsters back from the dead and use them under your control. As well, it would be pleasant to see if the player can have the option to go for a more “up close and personal” build, reaping and slashing away at everything with that epic scythe.

Druid/Shapeshifter: Both outlines of the characters in the top row, second from the right and bottom row, fourth from the right, appear to have some style of nature-esque look to them, both with horns on their heads (possibly antlers?) and we speculate that they could possibly embody a Druid class. Now the beauty of including this particular class is that there are so many options for builds when it comes to showcasing the fantasy behind Druids. Utilizing the forces and elements of nature at their command, they would cast these abilities with mighty vigor, as well as shapeshift into a number of different beasts, each with their own unique set of skills to decimate any who would threaten the balance of nature.

Warhammer Wielder: The last character in the bottom row seems to outline a more bulky character, similar to the Berserker and Warlord, however it is clear that this character is wielding a gigantic two-handed warhammer. With this weapon choice, we speculate that it could in fact lead in 3 possible directions. Firstly, it could be that the character will have a similar persona to the Warlord and Berserker, with their own unique set of skills for bashing and hammering away at demons and the like. Another speculation is that this could possibly be an engineer type class, constructing turrets and other machinations to deal with opponents. Finally, this could even turn out to be the aforementioned healer class with big damage, and result into Lost Ark’s rendition of a Paladin or Crusader that we have seen in games before like Diablo.

Final Thoughts: Even though we left out some of the unrevealed classes for speculation, we can safely assume that all of the 18 classes that will be presented in Lost Ark will most definitely have a uniqueness about them, each with a number of different builds that will certainly cater to a number of different playstyles. Overall, we are beyond excited to see what the classes truly turn out to be and see just what exactly they will be able to do. So what are your speculations about the unrevealed classes? Sound off your theories and ideas in the forums and we will be more than

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  1. Were been waiting so long for this game, Please release this game i cant wait another years to play for it.!!! were so excited to play first in CBT english version. pls post it details/schedules if anyone find source thanks guys!

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